Sergio Balibrea, Director Assemblies Division, Office of the Director General, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Maria Beatrice Deli, Secretary General of the Italian Association for International Arbitration (AIA)

Marco Felisati, Vice Director, Europe and Internationalization Department, CONFINDUSTRIA

Giorgio Ferrante, SIMEST (Agency for the Development and Promotion of Italian Entreprises Abroad)

Carlo Gamberale, Counsellor of the Appellate Body Secretariat of WTO

Rainer Geiger, Former Deputy Director, Financial and Enterprise Affairs, OECD

Lelio Iapadre, Professor of International Economics, University of L’Aquila

Vincenzo Lenucci, Chief of the International Affairs Office, CONFAGRICOLTURA (General Confederation of the Italian Agriculture)

Marco Marzano de Marinis, Executive Director World Farmers Organisation, WFO

Antonio Massoli Taddei, SACE (Italian Export Credit Agency)

Maria Pereyra, Legal Affairs Division, WTO Mauro Petriccione, Deputy Director-General, Directorate General Trade, European Commission

Roberta Piermartini, Economic Research and Statistics Division WTO

Andrea Primerano, Manager, Customs and International Trade, Ernst&Young

Amedeo Teti, Director General, General Direction for Trade Policy, Italian Ministry of Economic Development

The members of the Faculty may be liable to vary by eventual occured necessities of the lecturers, without modification of the program.